Friday, December 20, 2013

Here are two poems that are from my original website:

In a land

I once lived in a land where no one was negative;
where no one was angry,
and where no one lied.

The inhabitants loved each other beyond description,
so that they always told each other the truth;
which meant that all people were always in pain.

This suffering they welcomed as the deepest love;
a burning off the dross of their imperfections;
and they strove to constantly feel this burning,
which made them shine in the glistening of their
suffering like diamonds.

And the Endless Father of all
looked down upon them with great kindness,
for this was one of his favorite places.

And then I awoke, or was it that I slept?

And I found myself alone in a darker place,
where everyone was angry, and afraid.

Where every person was afraid of suffering,
and they lied to themselves to avoid the pain.

They lied to each other,
so that they would not be caught in their own lies,
and they never talked about it.

It became impolite to stare --
because everyone was hiding from the fear;
and everyone became alone,
so that none were truly friends,
because none could bear the truth.

Then again I slept, or was it that I awoke?

And I could remember,
like a distant dream that other place,
my home.

the flame's wish

consider the image of a candle flame, burning
the blue below, the orange red above
lingering, and pressing upwards.
the wax
the material which feeds the flame
is below it, underneath
yet the flame yearns upward.

what is the flame's wish?
it wishes, to reach something which is above it
in an unquenchable ardour,
it flickers, hopes and presses up
looking for its lover.

are the flame of a candle
aching towards a potential
which remains above us.

yet sometimes
a spark breaks off.
it floats away,
and catches fire