Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Puddles of Myself: The Alternate Life of Jimi Hendrix, Part 2

Puddles of Myself: The Alternate Life of Jimi Hendrix, Part 2

Friday, February 13, 2015

Intrinsic Virtue and scale of emotions use of organism energy.

 "Intrinsic Virtue". It Is Topped with a Plant Growing Straight, over an Eye Which Sees, Over a Heart.
This does not just mean virtue as in morals or ethics, but something far more intimate – more intrinsic. One could say the even a chair has intrinsic virtue if when you sit in it it doesn't crumble and leave you sitting on the floor amidst the rubble. The chair itself could be said to have intrinsic virtue, just as a pencil has intrinsic virtue if it is filled with graphite with which to write, and allows one to sharpen – that is also part of its intrinsic virtue. Everything and every creature except for man has within itself an intrinsic virtue. Animals only kill to eat or to defend themselves and only man suffers from greed and selfishness.

In one ancient tradition of Man – he is likened unto a Nail, which is worthless unless it holds 2 other things together, like pieces of wood – and is useless if it is spent such that you cannot utilize it. Unfortunately most men are bent nails unable to hold together Heaven and Earth, which requires living a vertical life as well is a horizontal one. I have a saying: "Gravity Does Not Just Affect the Body – It Also Affects the Emotions and the Mind".

When a man wakes up his body arises to become vertical in the spine, but like the spinal discs that can be squashed and herniated horizontally, his emotions and mental processes are busy being squashed by gravity such that he thinks about the day to come for the day just past or the nightmares or dreams that he has had but he does not live in the present moment between the immediate 2nd just past and the immediate 2nd about to come, which would be the eternal Now. Time is nothing but a stubborn illusion because all things both in the future and past and in the now coexists simultaneously. If you want to change the past or affect the future you must do it in the now. The 1st word of the Scripture considered the Bible of consciousness: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, is ATHA!!!, Which means such an emphatic now, that it produces a stop on thinking emoting and movement – the 3 forms of our 3 main brains. Man is a 3 brained being, but imagine the shape of each of these brains. The body looks like the body, but to the emotions resemble a human being?

I dare say that the emotional center in the ordinary human being looks like an amorphious glob of negativity, hopes and desires and fears and aversions. The real emotional center should take the same shape as the human body only it should reach out further, radiating compassion love and indifference. Compassion for all living things; love to all things and and indifference to those who practice injustice or who suffer by their own doings. Perhaps a more proper to say that things happen through the ordinary man, who is like a man on iceberg with one oar 2 things she can determine the direction the iceberg is going by paddling in the water while not realizing that most of them (the icebergs) are 9/10 underwater and subject to deep ocean currents that go where they will – not where he wants them to go. But for a man with intrinsic virtue the iceberg will follow his intent, for there is an alchemical axiom that goes as follows: 

"Where the Intent Goes, the Life Force Follows; where the Life Force goes, the Blood goes and Sinks and Relaxes"

But the intent is directly connected with intrinsic virtue or lack thereof. In the scale of emotional force there would be a step ladder from the very top where all energy is available and non-is used to the very bottom where all energy is locked up in horrible emotions that cannot be overcome, leading to death. This step ladder might be considered to exist in the following terms:

Peace – All Energy No Expenditure
Bliss – peace with Enjoyment Beyond Description 
Awareness – Seeing but without Expenditure
Action – Courageousness proaction in exactly the right proportion in a state of total relaxation. 

this is the end of the positive emotions that we know of in our ordinary state of being.

Pride – One Can Only Be Proud of Something in the past – Never of Something in the Future; Therefore "Pride Cometh before the Fall."

Anger – A Response to the Thwarting of One's Will. This Can Be Transmitted It into Real Force without Identification.

Lust – A Response To Something Desired or Desirable. Action May or May Not Take Place. 

Fear – The Most Prevalent Demotion in Ordinary Man, It Prevents Him from Acting and Causes Them to Be Eternally Vigilant and Suspicious. It Is Only an Appropriate Emotion When Confronted with a Threat to the Safety of the Organism. 

Grief – A Deep Sense of Sorrow Due To a Great Personal Loss – There Are 2 Aspects to Grief – One Is the Grief One Feels for the Lost Opportunities Of the Future but the Larger Part is Usually Self-Pity.

Apathy -- Such a Plethora of Negative Emotions One upon Another That There Is No Possibility of Movement. Deep Apathy Leads Next to Catatonia. Below Catatonia Is Coma 

Coma – This can have Both Positive and Negative Aspects. It Can Occur As a Response to Such an Overwhelming Force of Threat of the Organisms Imminent Death That the Body Shuts down Everything except That Which Is Necessary to Live; or It Can Be the Results of the Buildup of Negative Emotions Leading to Coma through Catatonia.

Below This There Is Only:

Death – The Cessation of Breathing and Blood Circulation Leading to a Disassemblence Of Parts, With Each Part Going to Its Own Level. The Body Goes into the Earth Or Is Turned into Ash and Smoke, While the Emotions Join the Atmosphere Where They Are Subject to Weather Just As They Were When the Body Was Alive. The Thinking Mind Disintegrates Except for the Aspects of the Will Which Are Passed on to Others in a Kind of Supernatural Disclosure of Talents, Powers and Positive Emotional Contents. The Highest Part of the Mind Returns to Space, Which Is Its Natural Home.

Anyone who reads either of the books of the dead will see that my analysis is true.