Monday, October 27, 2008

A Small Note

Before going any further, I should say that this blog is my study, and attempt to restate Mr. Gurdjieff's teaching in my own way and with my own studies and knowledge. There are resources that contain much of this material presented differently -- "Fragments of An Unknown Teaching" by P.D. Ouspensky is usually considered the main textbook of the early teaching. Mr. Gurdjieff's own writings are the very last word, but they can be difficult for those who are unfamiliar with his ideas to read. There are many of his students that act as "stepdown transformers", and who make some difficult teachings of Mr. Gurdjieff easier to understand. J.G. Bennett; C.S. Nott; The deHartmanns; almost endless, and the further we get from direct contact with Mr. Gurdjieff himself, the waves he caused get more and more large but diffused, until they can be accepteed by almost anyone. Like dropping a large stone in a still lake, the vibrations create larger and larger circles, but smaller and smaller in wave strength. I hope to act as a step down transformer myself, but am writing it out "top down", instead of "Bottom up". Mr. Gurdjieff taught both, but he was with people directly to teach bottom up, and with lectures he taught top down, so the two could meet.

I have been using both ancient knowledges and up to date sciences to formulate a new approach. I have been occupied elsewhere, but will return soon to this project, which is frankly, huge.

Patience is the Mother of Will.

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M said...

I'm going to read your blog a little at a time. Looks interesting at first glance.

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