Friday, February 1, 2013

A Short Study Regarding Beelzebub

Beelzebub is the penultimate Devil, also known as 

"Lord of the Flies". 

Flies have some interesting characteristics: 

First: They have compound eyes so they SEE almost an entire spherical 360 degrees 

Except where their thin bodies are. Their blind spot is therefore much smaller then 

Ours. They see right through their wings when in flight, and they do not take off 

Like birds, but vertically, like a Harrier Jet. They almost have eyes in the back of 

Their heads. 

Second: They fly, and there is a kind of stickum on their feet so they can land 

Anywhere; upside down, on ceilings, walls, anywhere. 

Third: ALL their hairs act like our ears, sensing changes in air pressure as well or 

better than a human's two ears. 

Fourth: They have giant orgies in flight,; that is to say, they have a crazy mind 

boggling acrobatic sex life. 

Fifth: They can eat almost anything, although they prefer sweets. 

They eat through a proboscis, like a vacuum cleaner. 

Sixth: They are constantly cleaning themselves, and cleansing themselves and their 


Seventh: They have Real Will -- if they want to land on your nose, you can brush 

Them off but they will just fly around and re-land on your nose, if that's where they 

Want to land.  


If "Man" had that kind of Will Power he could do almost anything, and he could but 

He doesn't know it because he is near comatose, glued to "The World".


Eighth: Which starts a new Octave, Flies only have to live for six weeks, Lay eggs 

And die. I venture they die a happy death, because their lives are so vivid.

And they remember themselves 'Always and Everywhere'. 

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