Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WITW#13): The Lazy Man's Building

   There was once a "man" who came upon the Work. He walked into the lobby and asked the doorman, "How many floors does this building have?" The doorman said, "many, perhaps 33 (conscious lying)"
"FANTASTIC" said the inquiring man and he ran home and got out his little toolbox. He came back and began building according to the architects rendering, but soon tired, so he began re-naming the floors 1 - 7 - 12 - 28 - 29, 31 and the luxurious penthouse, floor 33. 
Ah, I have written the law of seven into my building, having 7 floors. And the 33, this must mean first and second shock. And, the 33 must also stand for the 3 forces in the second generation; That of all Created Things
But he looked over at the Foundation and noticed that they had a lobby whereas he had failed in his haste to put in a lobby, so that those who wished in had to climb in a window. "Good"" said the man. Whereas across the street they just walk into the lobby, my method STARTS worth Work...climbing in the window of the first floor takes balance and maneuvering... as the windows are 3 feet off the ground, I am guiding people through the law of 3 before they even are aware of it" And he was satisfied.
The biggest problem was that nobody climbed into the window but thieves and weirdos, and those with a shred left of common-sense walked into the lobby, where they were given the first exercises, quiet work sensing the body and then it's breath. 
When those were told to, they went to the second floor they were given another set of instructions, etc... Nobody was truly satisfied because there were seemingly always floors above them, but the view got nicer and nicer. The "Pseudo-buidling" only had the windows on the "Ground floor/First floor, because the man who built it didn't want to "waste his time" putting windows on every floor. Those that went into the shorter building found themselves alone and in the dark (except for the other 'idiots' who had chosen the "fast route"), and they never got to meet the builder till they had climbed all seven floors, alone and in the dark.
But the Pseudo - Building got great reviews, from those had been inside and because it was shorter and seemed easier to reach the aim, whatever THAT might be. The real building shunned the reviewers; there were enough quality people with "common sense" (not that common, as we soon find out), and they had learned not to talk to strangers but only with those who had been in the building.
In the pseudo-bulding, because there were no windows, didn't even have a clue as to who had been in that building, because everything was done in total darkness; but those who came back out of the first floor windows took up teaching asap.
To those in false buildings, a shout out and a warning to those who haven't: Get out of that building asap, keep your mouth shut for a decade, and enter the building across the street, if you can find it (you may have been in the dark too long, and need to adjust to Sunlight).
Just a word to the unwise. The wise already know this.

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