Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WITW#2: Some strange sayings of Mr. Gurdjieff

We are told by Mr. Gurdjieff that we must keep both the Wolf and the Sheep in us alive unto death, or Rascooarno. What does he mean by that, and how do we reconcile these two natures, when so many in the work want to be "good" people?
"I have good leather to sell, for those who wish to make shoes". Again, how are we to understand this strange statement?
"Big Angel/Big Devil" What does THIS mean?
"Angel can only teach one thing, Devil can teach everything" What position does this place us in in terms of our personal aims, morals and ethics?
"I Make Ore, it is for Others to Refine". How much can we trust the teaching? And how do we differentiate between different metals, and what they might stand for?
"All Pleasure is Shit". Is this literal? Are we to believe in this axiom?
"By Teaching Others You Will Learn Yourself". Who then is competent to "teach" or "pass on the teachings?"
"He is God and I am God! For all and in everything we have the same possibilities and impossibilities" Do any of us believe that, and if so, does it also apply to ourselves?
Others may have other peculiar sayings they wish to explore, or take one from above and work with it, sharing your inquiries and findings.

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