Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WITW#3: The Enneagram of the Sun

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Order in the Solar System principally depends upon the Sun, which has been seen as the representative of the Deity throughout the entire history of man. Now, scientists are studying the Sun more closely, with various satellites and we have found that the Sun produces Music, as well as containing within it the figure of an Enneagram. I doubt that anyone not connected with the work would understand the figure. But it blows my mind.
This should be startling at least. Completely flabbergasting anyone who does not serve the Sun and its representative, Great Nature, as humble servants.
Above, I have placed a URL to a video which was created by the European Solar Agency (credit: ESA). In combination with NASA. It is extraordinary, how many different nations contributed to this effort.
But it is revealing secrets of the Sun which have never before been known. How then, did Mr. Gurdjieff know about the Enneagram, which is part of the musical structure of the Sun?
In the above video, which is about the music produced by the Sun, the Enneagram appears at 1 min. and 31 seconds  in chapter 4 of a movie that lasts about a half an hour and if one watches the entire movie the Enneagram is  shown at 13 min. and 21 seconds.
One should note that the Enneagram  is upside down and all the lines are curves with the outer solfege  closer to the surface whereas the triangle which points downwards is arched considerably towards the center of the magnetic field of the sun.
The Enneagram which is shown does not contain the inner circulation and appears upside down. This should be made clear so that the Enneagram because the Enneagram which is shown during the film also uses curved lines because they are adhering to magnetic forces and magnetic fields within the Sun, but for anyone in the work who has  looked at or studied the Enneagram,  it should be easy to see.
Also in this video, it is shown how the sun wobbles between 2 tones, and as more and more lines are added you finally get a perfect image of a sunflower. To me, this is simply mind blowing. And Mr. Gurdjieff introduced the Enneagram  to his students sometime between 1914 and 1918.
It is sometimes said that we either serve the Sun and Solar System or we serve the Moon. Here it is shown in an undeniable manner, that the Sun contains all the patterns which affect the Earth.
I would like to hear comments from any of the other members of What Is the Work?, after viewing this very short but illuminating video. I do not fully understand it, and think it presents myriad questions to us who follow the work. Thank you.

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